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Our diverse product range and installation knowledge means we have the ability to offer a variety of driveway solutions for all budgets.

Whether you are looking for a traditional, contemporary or finish, we have the designs and materials available to offer the perfect looking driveways, Paths, Steps, Walls and Patios.

We have a combination of the latest driveway systems available and traditional methods that mean we can cater to any driveway needs. We will work with you to advise on the best solution for your requirements and explain the installation process.


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Block paving has become one of the most popular ways to enhance the appearance of driveways, paths and even patio’s over the past 25 years.

The growth in the market for this type of paving has also been fuelled by a large increase in the number of suppliers – which has also led to a decrease in price bringing it into the reach of almost everyone.

Today, there is a huge range of driveway and patio block paving shapes, style and colours to suit almost every application which enables you to get just the look and feel you want


Our driveways require very little maintenance, however, it will require a little attention from time to time.

Over time your driveway collects dirt, debris, moss and weeds, perhaps even oil spills.

However, your driveway can be revived and we are able to provide a cleaning service to bring it back to looking its best.

Firstly we need to tackle the weed and moss growth.

Our next step is to thoroughly clean the driveway.

Our prices are very competitive.

Our specialist driveway cleaning service will return your driveway to the decorative feature it once was.

Due to our professional approach, specialist cleaning methods and high quality machinery, we have established ourselves as one of the top driveway and patio cleaning companies

We use a rotary flat surface cleaner to clean driveways, this large disc shaped machine ensures driveways and patios receive the most thorough clean possible but at the same time preventing any spray back and avoiding all the messy problems that come with it. The rotary machine is powered by awesome 4000psi pressure washer.

Block pave driveways can also be sealed after cleaning, which also helps protect your driveway from weed growth for much longer.

Please contact us for more information.


Quality assurance

High quality workmanship is paramount to our company's success.  We have built up a solid reputation of a quality service, on time, on budget and we have achieved this through investment, constant training and use of only the highest quality materials.  We only use who are considered the leading UK manufacturers and suppliers for our materials assuring a great looking, long lasting surface you can enjoy for many, many years.

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- Highest quality materials


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