Garden fences

Our heavy duty close board fencing panels are strong and sturdy, treated against rot. Fence panels can be made to measure to ensure a good fit in any size of garden.

For the strongest garden fencing, we recommend concrete gravel boards, concrete posts and heavy duty board fence panels.


Fence designs

Fencing design is as much about location and configuration as it is about height and detail.

Fencing comes in a variety of sizes and styles.

It is useful not only for keeping boundaries between neighbours or sections in your garden but also adds privacy to your property and for keeping pets and safe areas for children to play in.

Due to the flexibility of fencing, it can take on virtually any alignment from long sweeping curves to small box like enclosures.

Fencing can be a strong design element or it can be made to disappear into the background of the landscape.

We work closely with our customers to create the best type fencing for their requirements and budget.


Walls can be a great asset to any property.  

They can define a garden by breaking it up into difference sections or areas. 

They are also used as a solid and convenient way of keeping your property private as well as having borders.

Walls are also ideal if your garden is sloping, keeping the soil on one side and free standing on the other side.

They are also used to elevate planting areas for improved drainage or to make it easier for gardening, especially if it makes it easier for you if you have problems working on a lower level.

Seat walls can be created or perhaps a barbecue can be built - bricks can be utilized in so many ways to fit into a landscape.



Steps can be built using various materials, and different shapes, style and design.

Steps, whether they are for access to your front or back door can also be incorporated into the design of your driveway or path.

They also fit well into garden landscapes, especially if you have an uneven or sloping garden and can be quite a feature.


Paths can also be built using different materials, shapes, style and design.  The costs will differ depending on the type of materials required. 

They can be incorporated into different themes throughout a garden.

Paths can also fit into the same style and pattern of your driveway.  They can often provide better access for areas in your garden.


Why choose us?

Whether it’s something on a smaller scale like a dividing wall within a garden or a full scale fence covering a 50 metre stretch, we do everything we can to provide the best quality materials and treat them where appropriate to ensure everything still looks great years down the line.